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How To Earn $50-$100 Daily Using Golden-Farm Biz Strategy

Special Note: Please read this post to the end as i will show you details on simple and powerful method to earn guaranteed profit daily of $50-$100 from a passive business that has paid over $1,000,000 to its memebers since year 2013 up till date and still paying. Take positive action after reading this. 100% legit/trustworthy site!! No need to worry about fear of scam.
Recently I have found the Golden Farm platform, which allows to mine in the cloud and receive payments in Bitcoin or Rubles, here I leave the basic steps to create an account and start mining:

Please read this article to the end to fully understand the strategy
(in the upper right corner there is the option to change the language between English and Russian)
1.- Create an account:
Like any other platform you must create an account with several basic data, through this link you can access the platform, and you will become a referral ...
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The platform is a simple game that consists on having birds that lay eggs, which can then be sold for silver coins, at first you will have a green bird and 300 silver coins, click buy birds and buy  ...

Make sure you login and use your bonus to buy the first birds.
2.- Look for your daily reward:
To get your first reward you must go to the daily bonus section ...
You can get daily rewards from 10 coins to 100, you can ask for your reward every 24 hours ...
3.- Collect the eggs:
To collect the eggs you must go to the egg storehouse section, and on the collect all button, collect all the eggs ...

4.- Sell the eggs:
By going to the egg selling section, you can sell the eggs, every 100 eggs equals 1 silver coin ...
Each time you sell, 70% of the coins will be awarded to the account to buy birds and 30% will be awarded to the retirement account ...
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5.- Buy birds:
At the Buy birds section you can buy birds, to get more profits ...
The more expensive the bird, the more eggs it will produce ...
6.- Withdrawal of currencies:
At the Withdrawal option you can withdraw the balance you have in the purse ...
Among the options you have Payeer with which you can withdraw in Rubles immediately, you also have the option to make withdrawals in Bitcoin or credit cards, among others ...
7.- Fill the account:
It is important to note that to make withdrawals it is necessary to fill the account with a small amount, for them you enter the option replenish account, where you have the options to transfer ...
It is necessary to transfer the equivalent to 100 rubles ...
8.- Referrals:
It is important to invite several referrals to obtain a higher percentage of reward, at the moment of making transfers to the platform...
9.- Gold:
Gold calculate the sum of money for withdrawal from the platform...
1 gold = 1 RUB. For withdrawal from the system 100 RUB you need to have 100 gold on your account....
Gold is credited for:
  • At replenishment you're credited with the gold of 40% of the replenish sum.
  • At replenishment of the account by a referral of the 1st level, 20% go to the gold.
  • At replenishment of the account by a referral of the 2nd level, 10% go to the gold.
  • At replenishment of the account by a referral of the 3rd level, 5% go to the gold.

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To earn $5-$100 daily, here are the secrets:
(a) Target to buy the blue, red and king birds whenever you can afford. Blue bird cost 190 rubles, Red bird cost 750 rubles, and King bird cost 1900 rubles. (Use google to convert rubles to usd to get the amount). Buy as much as you can.

(b) I have a secret source of website traffic that will get you hundreds of referrals, but this offer is only for those who signup with my link and buy 2 red and 2 king birds. So build your warehouse by buying top 3 birds (blue, red and king)

(c) Get paid daily $5-$100 comfortably everyday without stress. No scam, 1000% legit.
Use or to exchange to rubles.


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you’re account already have 300 silver coins for buying birds!
each bird is different! and also you have a daily BONUS!!!!
1. each bird can lay eggs per hour = silver coins!!

2. collect and selling you’re eggs = silver coins!!

3. 70% for buying birds and 30% for withdrawal!!
4. do not forget you’re DAILY BONUS!!

5. do not worry about how you withdraw !cause there is a lot of wallet site and also they accept visa/master card international for you’re withdrawal!!
6. between each of them is different!! cause for example!! like payeer!! their minimum payout is 100!! i know it cause i use payeer for my withdrawal!! and after you withdraw! with in 5min. or 6min you’re account name will be appear on the payment section and also you’re wallet etc will also received the money!! not worry about the replenish if you want to! cause replenish is so cheap and also their’s a stage that you’re replenish can be 2x or 3x if you reach it! try to read it on replenish section. you can see it there.
8. also you need to try to earn some extra other than eggs!! by having a referrals! you get 250 silver coins and gold from them!! from you;re referrals to their referrals too! it’s also what we call a affiliate mode. count by the person invited by you.
The income is unlimited. Even several invited people can bring you more than 100 000 silver coins.
Gold is credited for:
1. your own account!!! replenishment you’re credited with the gold of 40% of the replenish sum.
2) 10% of every replenishment of the account by a referral of the 2d level
3) 5% of every replenishment of the account by a referral of the 3d level
4) 5% of every replenishment of the account by a referral of the 4th level
imagine if you have a lot’s of  birds!! who works for you!
just like me! have 1490 green birds ! 20 yellow ! 11 brown! 2 red and 1 king bird hahaah it’s so so so good!! and my last and only that i wanted to buy is the rare birds hahaha !! i can’t imagine if i have it!! cause that rare bird can make money directo to you’re wallet and don’t even need 30% for withdrawal!! it’s a 100% withdrawal in full!! !!
Green                                           Yellow                                            Brown
Productivity: 5 per hour           Productivity: 55 per hour           Productivity: 277 per hour
Cost: 150 silver                           Cost: 1500 silver                            Cost: 7500 silver
Already bought:                         Already bought:                            Already bought:
Blue                                               Red                                                   KING BIRD
Productivity: 1430 per hour     Productivity: 7230 per hour        Productivity: 21925 per hour
Cost: 37500 silver                        Cost: 150000 silver                        Cost: 375000 silver
Already bought:                          Already bought:                             Already bought:
The name of the species is unknown
This is a very rare species!
There are rumors that it’s produce
money directly to the wallet!
To access it, you need to
have at least 1 “Red” bird.
this is my account!! hwhaha i earn 66,208.89 silver coins = 652.15 RUBS !! from the month of july!! ahaha and my total paid out !! = 3234.99 RUB since may! at that time my earn is small! i think its 149-179 !!
And if you’re worry about that this might be not legit or something!!
i can assure you that this is 100% legit!!!

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